Friday, 19 September 2014

Travel Lookbooks - Budapest

I haven't blogged for a while on here so I thought I would write a style post for you about some of my recent outfits.

I recently visited Budapest (check out my personal blog for more pics and recommendations). This is what I wore. I always keep my outfit simple, that’s just the way I dress myself. 

Travel Lookbooks - Budapest  oozescouture
Photos: DivyaPopat

·         Trousers: H&M - I love these patterned trousers from H&M, I actually bought these on a whim when I had to exchange a dress that didn't fit me. I was unsure about it for a while but I really liked the way they looked on.
·         Top: - The top is one of my favourite items of clothing ever. You can switch the straps around so that they intertwine on your chest or on your back for different looks.
·         Sandals: vintage - I didn't want to be walking around in Budapest looking like I should be in a nightclub! I wanted something comfortable to walk around it but that still looked stylish so I chose to wear some jewelled sandals that I've had for some time.
·         Watch: Seksy by Sekonda - I think everyone should invest in a rose gold watch. The colour is just gorgeous; you can't go wrong!
·         Sunglasses: RayBan - I have about 4 pairs of RayBans now and I do love them, they are a bit pricey but I do think they are worth the money - my sunglasses have never scratched or broken.
·         Bag: Primark - I really liked this bag, I'm more of a clutch kind of girl, on a night out I can't wear any bag that has a strap. But for walking around a new city, I thought this bag was great! It folds over so that it rests comfortably and there's a lot more space that it looks!
What do you guys think?

As I said before, I love simple outfits. If you aren't like me however, you can take one of these outfits and choose some jewellery and style up your outfit more. This was my outfit for the night.

·         Top: Matalan - I have really been loving these camis that you can find from anywhere, but in Matalan I have been loving the amount of styles and colours you can get.

·         Skirt: Dorothy Perkins - My black skirt is a staple item, every girl needs one - if you don't, I suggest you go shopping!
·         Shoes: Matalan - Similarly with shoes, Matalan's collection always seem to have a great range of styles and colours.
·         Watch: see OOTD.

Let me know what you guys think! :)


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