Sunday, 7 September 2014

Humid Weather Singapore

It's sweltering humid in my city lately, it's almost possible to fry an egg.

It's hard to look good all the time when it's extremely hot outside. You just want to be in the most comfortable avatar so that you can beat the heat. I can't guarantee that you will be able to keep cool 24/7 but by following these tips, you get to keep enough cool and enjoy your day away.
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Hair and makeup
Sonia Ullah

Hair and makeup plays an important role of our personal appearance. If they look good, no doubt, it'll be a good face day. However, to balance both a good hair and makeup in this weather is really hard. Try to keep it simple and you have the world on your fingertips.

Foundation: Skip the foundation so that it will not melt on your face with the extreme heat. Try not to put so much of blush and bronzer as they will melt too when it's exposed to hot weather.

Hair: To let your hair down is the last thing you would ever want to do when it's burning hot outside. Try a messy bun, ponytail or braids. So that you don't have to waste time to use heat products to tame them...because trust me, you wouldn't want to mess with your hair texture by using these heat products. Keep it sweet and simple.

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

Dresses and skirts allow more air circulation than pants. So, you might want to opt for a maxi which shockingly, will be as comfortable as a short dress. Avoid tucking things in so that you won't stress all the heat and sweat more instead. Be a little picky when it comes to your fabrics. Go for natural ones like cotton or linen.

Little details

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
This is when you have to choose only light colours. Avoid dark colours, especially black. It will absorb heat and make you feel hotter. White is the perfect colour for this time of the season. Try not to go with tight fitting clothes as the looser cuts will keep you cooler by letting more air circulate. To beat this heat, I love flowing styles. They are extremely perfect for summer.

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

It's always important to be ready for sudden change in weather though it might be always humid outside. Carry a lightweight cardigan or jacket so that you can just put it over. I don't trust the weather because it can very unpredictable so I will always carry a ¾ sleeve cardigan with me. Otherwise, a scarf will be helpful too.
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

My favourite part of accessories is jewelry. An armful bangles or a big necklace will do the magic to match your casual and simple outfit. Plus, they won't add on to the heat.

Try to don your outfit with pretty sandals instead of flip flops. We still have to look chic even though the weather is trying to cut that out.

So, there you go... a little write up to help you to look good despite the heat. Share with me how you

deal with the hot weather.

Till then, rock your fashion world.

Nasheerah Salim

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