Sunday, 14 September 2014

Girls' best friend

Bags are the girls' best friend. That's the reason why we spend so much of time and money in order to find our personal IT bag. The effort is meticulous and focussed to get hold of the perfect bag which cater to all our needs. An ideal bag should be able to contain all our quintessential things without which our day wouldn't go on.
Charles&keith oozescouture

One of the most important thing in my wardrobe is my college box tote. It's a Charles&keith piece and it's apt for casual college day. It holds my assignments and notes. Plus it's my favourite colour and brightens my all black outfit often.
Charles&keith oozescouture

Next on my list is the one that is true staple of every wardrobe. This black charles&keith purse is the chameleon of the world of bags. I can take to college when I have super long day as it has the side sling function or I can take it to the mall when I am in my shopping avatar buying everything and anything.
Aldo clutch cum sling purse
Aldo clutch cum sling purse

One of the other staple sister is this Aldo clutch cum sling purse. It is appropriate to take to a club because you aren't scared of losing it while dancing. It adds the factor of sophistication to any outfit. I even wore it with my saree in my graduation.
yellow da Milano bag.

I totally love this yellow da Milano bag. It represents my fashion philosophy. Bright, compact and elegant. It is big enough to carry all your essentials and small enough not to overdo any outfit. It's one of my personal favourite and have even got my crush to compliment me on this bag.

Any wardrobe is not complete without the box clutch. This is an excellent piece from SatyaPaul for formal occasions. It's small and easy to carry and gel well both with western as well as traditional Indian wear.
nudish pink colour

Last piece is the latest addition to my collection. I just got it about a week ago from charles&keith. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with nudish pink colour. The texture with plush feel of it makes it the epitome of summer freshness.

All these bags reflect myself in some way or the other. Be it the colour or texture or the utility function.

Don't be afraid to splurge on these because these last long and form the categorical part of your life.

Kriti Arora

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