Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sense of Style - Leah Alexander

The great thing about fashion is that everyone has their own individual sense of style and should be free to express themselves through what they wear. You may only like some seasonal trends (I didn’t fancy jumping on the kimono band wagon for example; I loved them, but they’re just not me) but that doesn’t mean you can tailor things to fit your own style. My favourite thing about fashion is how personal you can make it. You can completely reinvent yourself and feel more like you than ever.

I was a winter baby and I personally prefer winter fashion to summer trends, even though this pretty much makes me the only person who’s excited about it getting colder. It’s the layering and the textures that I love! There’s always seems to be a little bit less choice of that in the summer…

So, this is my latest purchase for Autumn and I am absolutely in love with it!
Large Check Tube Trouser

Large Check Tube Trouser - £25.00 at Miss Selfridge (Don’t forget to flash your student ID card and you’ll save yourself 15% off at the till.)

I’ll wear these with knee high black boots, a black slogan tee and a biker jacket. For a slightly-less-edgy look, I’d go for a plain black top and a sharp blazer. With something this patterned, you need to go fairly plain with your tops. If it’s a bit cold, you can throw on a scarf or a snuggly poncho instead. For something a little more glamourous, I’d accessorize this look with some chunky jewellery, a fedora hat and some red lippy.

As such a statement piece, I felt this was a really good bargain. And I also love how something like this can completely change up your look. For me, if I’m shopping/lunching with the girls in the day and then heading out to a concert that evening, an outfit built around these little beauties will see me straight through.

(PS: They have an elasticated waist so they are super comfortable, meaning you can definitely share that dessert with your friend and not feel even a tiny bit guilty.)

Leah J x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

My First Love

Everyone in life can recall the story of their first love. For me, my first love wasn’t a person, but a place New York City.
Image: aganderson
There’s no place even close in America when it comes to entertainment, food, culture, architecture, and of course fashion. Growing up in Kentucky, I was always obsessed with the Big Apple. I was a weird little kid running around the hay field moving bales in a New York City Tee. All I would ever hear from relatives on the subject was that I would be mugged or murdered my first day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My first visit was on September 30th, 2008. I was in Connecticut for work and a group of coworkers decided we should take the train to New York for a couple of hours. The excitement equivalent to a child on Christmas Eve consumed me. As I stepped out of Grand Central Station and my foot hit the pavement for the first time, I felt as if I had taken my first breath. There was a million cultures mixing and creating the world’s busiest runway. In the blink of an eye you could pass a lady in a stunning brand new Gucci Dress and 4 inch Christian Louboutin stilettos and another girl wearing florescent red tights and a vibrant Betsy Johnson Dress. Every person that passed me seemed to have just stepped out of a Vogue magazine- so fresh and their styles read like a bestselling novel—so well developed and put together. I knew in that moment that I would strive to be here every chance that I had. We as a society are influenced a lot by what hits the runway shows in New York. Sure, some of the outfits are over the top and completely unrealistic for everyday wear, but these looks inspire clothes that trickle down to major department stores everywhere and it's something you might not even notice when you shop.

Until next time, Let your Fashionista Flag Fly, my friends!

You can read my full article here

Gilda Red

Friday, 19 September 2014

Travel Lookbooks - Budapest

I haven't blogged for a while on here so I thought I would write a style post for you about some of my recent outfits.

I recently visited Budapest (check out my personal blog for more pics and recommendations). This is what I wore. I always keep my outfit simple, that’s just the way I dress myself. 

Travel Lookbooks - Budapest  oozescouture
Photos: DivyaPopat

·         Trousers: H&M - I love these patterned trousers from H&M, I actually bought these on a whim when I had to exchange a dress that didn't fit me. I was unsure about it for a while but I really liked the way they looked on.
·         Top: - The top is one of my favourite items of clothing ever. You can switch the straps around so that they intertwine on your chest or on your back for different looks.
·         Sandals: vintage - I didn't want to be walking around in Budapest looking like I should be in a nightclub! I wanted something comfortable to walk around it but that still looked stylish so I chose to wear some jewelled sandals that I've had for some time.
·         Watch: Seksy by Sekonda - I think everyone should invest in a rose gold watch. The colour is just gorgeous; you can't go wrong!
·         Sunglasses: RayBan - I have about 4 pairs of RayBans now and I do love them, they are a bit pricey but I do think they are worth the money - my sunglasses have never scratched or broken.
·         Bag: Primark - I really liked this bag, I'm more of a clutch kind of girl, on a night out I can't wear any bag that has a strap. But for walking around a new city, I thought this bag was great! It folds over so that it rests comfortably and there's a lot more space that it looks!
What do you guys think?

As I said before, I love simple outfits. If you aren't like me however, you can take one of these outfits and choose some jewellery and style up your outfit more. This was my outfit for the night.

·         Top: Matalan - I have really been loving these camis that you can find from anywhere, but in Matalan I have been loving the amount of styles and colours you can get.

·         Skirt: Dorothy Perkins - My black skirt is a staple item, every girl needs one - if you don't, I suggest you go shopping!
·         Shoes: Matalan - Similarly with shoes, Matalan's collection always seem to have a great range of styles and colours.
·         Watch: see OOTD.

Let me know what you guys think! :)


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I have nothing to wear!

All of us ladies(and some gents) have said this. When in all honesty, we have plenty to wear. I do this too often and really why? I think it's easily broken down into two categories. I believe there's a certain level of situational appropriateness you should meet and the other reason is we see nothing in our wardrobe the conveys the emotion we strive to walk away with.

oozes Couture

For instance, if you follow me on Twitter(@GildaRedFashion), then you know I have a sailing event for work coming up on Monday. I have never been sailing and I am as graceful as a bobble head. I am pretty sure this event will leave everyone at work with the snapshot of me falling into the water and blowing the life vest whistle for dear life. ("Did Something Just Brush up against my leg?") With that said, I immediately went to the fact I have nothing AT ALL with any nautical flare captured. There's plenty of other looks I could go for, but none I feel would be appropriate. So, I immediately went shopping and let me tell you, in the summer, it is very easy to find nautical everything.

oozes Couture

oozes Couture

oozes Couture
I personally love to walk away with a unique flare and I don't want to look like the masses and trust me, nautical chic is what everyone will be aiming for, so I decided to design my own tee and accessories. Also, If I can make anyone laugh(emotion card-there it is), I feel as if my day's work has been accomplished, so I aimed for nautical fashion meets hilariousness. I don't want to show the whole tee on here as of yet, but here is the front left chest:If you know of the movie, What About Bob, then you know where the saying comes from. This is just an example of one time I have been faced with the WTW predicament.
oozes Couture

Everyone in today's society strives to stand out which can be very hard when you are no longer just trying to be the girl in the room that seems as if she has a spotlight following her, but now trying to be that same girl in the thousands of social media sites(profile pics,event pics, and selfies-oh my)--It's a hard task. In the end, if we remember-it's okay to recycle outfits, but it's also okay to go buy that new outfit that makes you feel as if you are Ms. Carrie Bradshaw striking your heels against the pavement. Until next time, Let your Fashionista Flag Fly, my friends!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Girls' best friend

Bags are the girls' best friend. That's the reason why we spend so much of time and money in order to find our personal IT bag. The effort is meticulous and focussed to get hold of the perfect bag which cater to all our needs. An ideal bag should be able to contain all our quintessential things without which our day wouldn't go on.
Charles&keith oozescouture

One of the most important thing in my wardrobe is my college box tote. It's a Charles&keith piece and it's apt for casual college day. It holds my assignments and notes. Plus it's my favourite colour and brightens my all black outfit often.
Charles&keith oozescouture

Next on my list is the one that is true staple of every wardrobe. This black charles&keith purse is the chameleon of the world of bags. I can take to college when I have super long day as it has the side sling function or I can take it to the mall when I am in my shopping avatar buying everything and anything.
Aldo clutch cum sling purse
Aldo clutch cum sling purse

One of the other staple sister is this Aldo clutch cum sling purse. It is appropriate to take to a club because you aren't scared of losing it while dancing. It adds the factor of sophistication to any outfit. I even wore it with my saree in my graduation.
yellow da Milano bag.

I totally love this yellow da Milano bag. It represents my fashion philosophy. Bright, compact and elegant. It is big enough to carry all your essentials and small enough not to overdo any outfit. It's one of my personal favourite and have even got my crush to compliment me on this bag.

Any wardrobe is not complete without the box clutch. This is an excellent piece from SatyaPaul for formal occasions. It's small and easy to carry and gel well both with western as well as traditional Indian wear.
nudish pink colour

Last piece is the latest addition to my collection. I just got it about a week ago from charles&keith. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with nudish pink colour. The texture with plush feel of it makes it the epitome of summer freshness.

All these bags reflect myself in some way or the other. Be it the colour or texture or the utility function.

Don't be afraid to splurge on these because these last long and form the categorical part of your life.

Kriti Arora

Oversized Garments

The trend of oversized blazers & T shirts is definitely a cool one! It helps us all on the days we want to have a more relaxed look. This over sized thin jumper & black skinny jeans do this perfectly. Dressed down & still fashionable.
Oversized Garments Oozes Couture

Shafina Majid

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Instant Glam

It can be floral, it can be leopard. Whatever you decide, adding a printed item to a simple outfit can instantly jazz it up.  Prints can be simple or totally crazy. Whatever your choice, work it!

Instant Glam Oozes Couture

Shafina Majid

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Piercings Taboo

To some they look incredible, to others they seem painful or unattractive. My opinion however, is that piercings are a daring way to express ones creativity.

lip piercing oozescouture
Photo: Markus Bollingmo
From simple nose and ear piercings to tongue, belly button & nape piercings. All piercings make a statement.

sandrascherer Oozes Couture
Photo: Sandrascherer
Building up the courage to get a piercing may take a little time, but it is definitely worth it. Of course there will be pain involved but 'no pain no gain' as a wise person once said.
Rafa Puerta Lip
Photo: Rafa Puerta

Shafina Majid

Humid Weather Singapore

It's sweltering humid in my city lately, it's almost possible to fry an egg.

It's hard to look good all the time when it's extremely hot outside. You just want to be in the most comfortable avatar so that you can beat the heat. I can't guarantee that you will be able to keep cool 24/7 but by following these tips, you get to keep enough cool and enjoy your day away.
Photo: Micolo J

Hair and makeup
Sonia Ullah

Hair and makeup plays an important role of our personal appearance. If they look good, no doubt, it'll be a good face day. However, to balance both a good hair and makeup in this weather is really hard. Try to keep it simple and you have the world on your fingertips.

Foundation: Skip the foundation so that it will not melt on your face with the extreme heat. Try not to put so much of blush and bronzer as they will melt too when it's exposed to hot weather.

Hair: To let your hair down is the last thing you would ever want to do when it's burning hot outside. Try a messy bun, ponytail or braids. So that you don't have to waste time to use heat products to tame them...because trust me, you wouldn't want to mess with your hair texture by using these heat products. Keep it sweet and simple.

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

Dresses and skirts allow more air circulation than pants. So, you might want to opt for a maxi which shockingly, will be as comfortable as a short dress. Avoid tucking things in so that you won't stress all the heat and sweat more instead. Be a little picky when it comes to your fabrics. Go for natural ones like cotton or linen.

Little details

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
This is when you have to choose only light colours. Avoid dark colours, especially black. It will absorb heat and make you feel hotter. White is the perfect colour for this time of the season. Try not to go with tight fitting clothes as the looser cuts will keep you cooler by letting more air circulate. To beat this heat, I love flowing styles. They are extremely perfect for summer.

Photos: Zulf Photography MODA
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

It's always important to be ready for sudden change in weather though it might be always humid outside. Carry a lightweight cardigan or jacket so that you can just put it over. I don't trust the weather because it can very unpredictable so I will always carry a ¾ sleeve cardigan with me. Otherwise, a scarf will be helpful too.
Photos: Zulf Photography MODA

My favourite part of accessories is jewelry. An armful bangles or a big necklace will do the magic to match your casual and simple outfit. Plus, they won't add on to the heat.

Try to don your outfit with pretty sandals instead of flip flops. We still have to look chic even though the weather is trying to cut that out.

So, there you go... a little write up to help you to look good despite the heat. Share with me how you

deal with the hot weather.

Till then, rock your fashion world.

Nasheerah Salim


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