Monday, 25 August 2014

Ladies and Boots

Boots first became prominent in 1960’s . But they were highly criticized by many A-list designers . Boots were considered usually a superfluous accessory , more at home in a college girl’s closet than in the wardrobe of an elegant woman . But I think boots are symbol of women’s new freedom and emancipation.

Ladies and Boots Oozes Couture 
They not only keep you warm but also give you a certain sense of independence. After all how far and how fast can you walk in a pair of high-heeled pumps. After all for how long can you stay in high heeled pumps . You can pair boots with everything and anything. Be it a short skirt or a simple pair of jeans . They are certainly a reason to leave the warmth of your houses and go out to explore the cold rugged world. Julie Roberts wore thigh high boots in ‘Pretty Woman’. From then now they got the image of kinky boots worn by prostitutes. But the modern woman don’t think so. they are happy to wear them to their board meeting because not only they are stylish , they are their pride too.
Ladies and Boots Oozes Couture 
A warning to guys if you see a girl wearing boots in a club, don’t try hitting on her because she is too independent for you to handle. So the world better get ready to welcome the super girls who are not afraid of anything or anyone!

Kriri Arora

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