Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Flowy Abaya

We all experience those days were we want to dress entirely in black. This outfit is based around that idea but with the addition of a bold contrasting colour to stand out. Teamed with a very flowy abaya & military boots to add an edge to the overall look.
Flowy Abaya Oozes Couture

Shafina Majid

Denim on Denim

The concept of this outfit is to help bring back 'denim on denim'. The aim is to look casual with both pieces of denim being of different colour. This is my take on an effortless casual look for a chilly day.

Denim on Denim OozesCouture Lookbooks

Shafina Majid

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ladies and Boots

Boots first became prominent in 1960’s . But they were highly criticized by many A-list designers . Boots were considered usually a superfluous accessory , more at home in a college girl’s closet than in the wardrobe of an elegant woman . But I think boots are symbol of women’s new freedom and emancipation.

Ladies and Boots Oozes Couture 
They not only keep you warm but also give you a certain sense of independence. After all how far and how fast can you walk in a pair of high-heeled pumps. After all for how long can you stay in high heeled pumps . You can pair boots with everything and anything. Be it a short skirt or a simple pair of jeans . They are certainly a reason to leave the warmth of your houses and go out to explore the cold rugged world. Julie Roberts wore thigh high boots in ‘Pretty Woman’. From then now they got the image of kinky boots worn by prostitutes. But the modern woman don’t think so. they are happy to wear them to their board meeting because not only they are stylish , they are their pride too.
Ladies and Boots Oozes Couture 
A warning to guys if you see a girl wearing boots in a club, don’t try hitting on her because she is too independent for you to handle. So the world better get ready to welcome the super girls who are not afraid of anything or anyone!

Kriri Arora

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Window Shopping - Baby Pink

We are regularly on the look out for the next big bridal concept, it usually starts its beginnings in the window displays in Khushboos by Chand the Birmingham based couture designer.

These idea concepts then quickly get adapted by the reaming "designer" watchers who add a few twists in the attempt try and customise/copy a Khushboos by Chand piece. The Genuine is always in a league of its own look at this amazing example from their current window display. Click here to see the last display we also featured and loved.

Khushboos by Chand the Birmingham based couture designer

Website extact: 

"Khushboos by Chand’s history and fascination has always centered upon the Asian fashion industry. Working with some of the most talented, experienced designers fresh concepts are bought forward. It is this attention to detail and the extraordinary range of ready to wear, bespoke, mehndi, wedding and reception wear that makes Khushboo the landmark shopping estate it is today."


Two mascaras you need to try

Gabriela Pinto oozes couture
Photo Credit: Gabriela Pinto
How does it feel when your eyelashes look long, thick and voluminous?
Pretty amazing right!

If like me you have stubborn lashes that need generous coats of mascara to look presentable, i may have a resolution for you. I have two mascara recommendations that are worth trying and i know you won't be disappointed.

Ok, so the first suggestion is my all time favourite. L'oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara. If you haven't already then do give this mascara a try. It helps even the smallest lashes appear longer & fuller.
L'oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara
Photo credit: Superdrug
If you don't mind spending a few extra pounds, the mascara you need as a beauty must have is 'double wear lengthening mascara' by Estée Lauder. This mascara is absolutely phenomenal! I've been asked if i'm wearing false lashes whilst using this mascara.
Yes, it's that incredible.
lengthening mascara' by Estée Lauder
Photo: JFXie
Shafina Majid

Real Bride - Sharn

So it’s my big day next year and I’ve started to think about my shopping trip to India next year (well I’ve been thinking of my dream bridal lengha all my life but now it’s actually real!) where I will be on a journey to find my dream lengha. 
India Shopping Oozes Couture
India Shopping
I think sometimes when I have attended fashion shows in the UK you do get a mix of random bridal pieces with bizarre colours and embroidery, which I think for me, isn’t realistic for my big day. I want to look and feel like a queen on my big day, not wear some fusion type bridal piece and my guests look at me and think eh? Is that the bride? 
Real Bride - oozescouture
Real Bride
So I’ve been scouring the internet and bridal magazines to find those designers which will fit my dreamy vision for my bridal lengha. 
Asian Bridal Magazines Oozes Couture
Bridal Magazines
Like any bride I have my couture crush’s and I will definitely be visiting their flagship stores to find my dream lengha. Take a look for yourself below...

First up, Manish Malhotra. I adore his bridal pieces, they always have the right amount of glitz and glamour and they are never too simple in design.
Sabyasachi.  This name is probably coming out of your ears right now but there is just something special when you see a Sabyasachi piece. In terms of his design he has unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing along with embellishments always in a vibrant colour. He has a bridal store in Kolkata which I am dying to visit, it’s on the list for next year. 
Manish Malhotra flanked by Preity Zinta and Kajol after showcasing his collection Image Credit: Soumik Kar
Jade Couture. I stumbled across their website a few weeks ago and I was instantly blown away. The Jade bridal heirloom collection looks SOOO dreamy on their website. The designers Karishma and Monica only launched their collection in 2008 so they are still relatively new to the bridal designer scene; nonetheless I am a big fan of their distinctively different style and they are on the list to visit when I go to India next year.
Tarun Tahiliani. Again another designer name you have probably heard a million times over but oh I just can’t help it, his designs are fabulous! I attended a wedding earlier this year and the bride wore TT and let me tell you something, we were all wowed by her lengha and bridal look – even the males in the family said so, now that’s saying something! 

Kisneel by Pam Mehta. I came across this gem of a designer this morning and again was wowed by her collection. Her pieces have a great deal of embellishments such as crystals and stones and each look is completed with gold and silver threading. Simply swoon-worthy! 


Saturday, 2 August 2014

How to winged eyeliner

The easy 3 step method to create winged eyeliner.

Winged liner is a classic way of adding drama to a everyday look. I've been asked on many occasions how i create it. So i have put together a simple 3 step method to create the perfect wing every time. I've also included pictures of me applying it on my sister to help make it easier to understand.

Step 1: Draw a diagonal line from the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrow. The length of this line will depend on how long you want the wing to be.

The easy 3 step method to create winged eyeliner
Step 1
Step 2: From the tip of the line, draw a line back towards the lid. This should create a triangular shape at the end of the eye.
The easy 3 step method to create winged eyeliner
Step 2
Step 3: Draw a line from the inner corner towards the outer corner connecting the lines & fill them in.
The easy 3 step method to create winged eyeliner
Step 3
And there you have it, the perfect wing in 3 simple steps.

Shafina Majid


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