Monday, 14 July 2014

What is modest fashion?

What is modest fashion?

The ability to appear trendy/in-style whilst dressing in a way to reduce the visibility of ones figure. Modest dressing is usually loose fitted clothing that covers the main areas of your body at the same time as looking fashionable.
Oozes Couture FengLong Photo
Atlanta Wedding Photographer Zachary Long

Oozes Couture Hijab-ista
Recently, there has been an influx of websites and stores that sell and promote modest clothing. Earlier this month DKNY released a Ramadhan collection which consisted of dresses and skirts that adjust well into the world of modest fashion.
DKNY Oozes Couture
There are also many members of youtube that promote this such as, Dina tokio, Amenakin & babylailalov.

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