Thursday, 24 July 2014

Shafs Top 3 Hijab Styles

Every woman that wears the hijab has her own unique way of styling it to adhere to her preferred level of comfort. Being a hijabi (hijab wearer) myself, it can be quite tough trying something new. So, i've decided to put together a 'top 3 hijab styles' based on what i feel is comfortable for me & could be for you too.

Style one: The every day hijab
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The picture above shows a hijab style that can be worn daily. The beauty of this style is that it can be worn for a informal or formal event.

Style two: The loose hijab
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The second hijab style as shown above is perfect for hot weather. Loosely wrapped & no hassle with pins just makes it easy to style and easy to resist the heat.

Style three: The turban hijab

This style can be worn both day & night to help achieve a glamorous look. The turban can be styled in many different ways and will also go beautifully with outfits that are mostly decorated around the neck area. Earrings can also be worn with this look which instantly change the whole appearance.

Shafina Majid

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  1. today more and more models hijab style, and more beautiful, thanks the info, very inspiring


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