Saturday, 12 July 2014


As promised in Part 1 here are the 5 points in  more detail

Point 1: eat healthy.
All of you will agree with me when I say that you are what you eat. We live each day eating just whatever we want but not think of what the consequences we might face later on. We've got to avoid a little bit to gain something better, right? So, we've got to watch what is going into our body. I tried to cut down oily food and chocolates. I have a massive love for chocolates but thinking about it, I let it go. I cut it down and only take chocolates only for once a month.

Point 2: take stress well
Stress is a very common factor in our lives. It's the way you deal with it that will differentiate you from others. We can't avoid stress but we can change it into something positive and live happily. Try not to take things too heavily on your shoulders. If you can put it aside and not drag the stress for a long period, that's great. Remember, when you are stressed, you are inviting these pimples to grow on your face.

Point 3: Minimal make up
It's not wrong to put on makeup to enhance your looks but limit the amount of chemicals that you are putting on your face. I tried to go on with just eyeliner and it was all good. Point to note, NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON.

Point 4: Apply some effort
We've got to put in some extra effort to see some extra good results, right? I tried to put on some goat's milk solution mixed with some other items(i'll do a product review on it soon) recommended by this colleague of mine who worked in the skin industry for quite some time. It was such a pain as I hate putting on extra things on my face but trust me, it will be worth the effort. Point to note here, NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH YOUR HAN DS. WASH THEM FIRST. You never know what you might touch that will cause your hands to carry germs and bacterias. Don't let them affect your beautiful face.

Point 5: Smile!
We've got to be happy with every little progress. The happier we are, your face will show the glow twice more. Trust me, you will look even younger and youthful when you smile and laugh more.

 Nasheerah Salim

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