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Oozes Couture - Our Top 5 Asian Fashion Blogs

Here at Oozes Couture we like to acknowledge all those in our field that excel in providing real life diverse reviews to their readers.

I think it’s time we talked a little about fashion blogs, In particular Asian Fashion blogs.When it comes to wedding research a quick google search and before we know it we are on a fashion blog. There are a number of well-established bloggers out there today.

Below are
The Oozes Couture Top 5 Asian Fashion Blogs to watch out for over 2014 and 2015.


Who: Nazma from Manchester and aside from running Asian Fashion Blog she works full time in digital marketing.
oozescouture -
What to expect: Independent fashion blog written for a british-asian audience. Covering any fashion topics relevant to British Asians she’ll tell you honestly what she thinks!

Follow her on Twitter @Nazma_AFB


Who: Nina - London/Liverpool based High St. Asian Fashion Blogger and newbie Fashion writer.

Oozes Couture -
What to expect: Hot trends and up & coming designers to watch out for , thoughts on some of the most exciting and diverse Indian fashion talent out there from the likes of the pioneers of Asian Fashion- Manish Malhotra, Abu & Sandeep and Sabyasachi.

Follow her on Twitter @TheAsianFashion


Who: Kavita Donkersley A 20 year old girl from Sheffield (the North of England!)

Oozes Couture -

What to expect: Her blog is the primarily place to express her interest toward vintage fashions and thrifted finds, but has now expanded into outfits of the day and occasional beauty and lifestyle posts.

Follow her on Twitter @SheWearsFashion

Step aside ladies the men have taken to blogging too


Who:  A British Asian Boy, a Healthcare Professional, a Student, a Entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Reader, a Traveller and a Photographer.
What to expect: "the coolest apna on this planet” Just a boy who happens to realise that he needs a voice, a voice which talks particularly about British Asians and the ups and downs impacting them, the comings and goings in and around his life.
Follow him on Twitter @TBABlog


Who: Ziggi an award-winning men's designer, set up in February 2009.
Oozes Couture -

What to expect: A mixture of events from the Asian catwalks from celebs to high profile clients weddings.

Follow him on Twitter@ZiggiStudio

And Finally  

We cant do this post without giving a special mention to our contributors. Alongside writing guest posts for Oozes Couture they also manage their own blogs. 

Make sure to check out all our contributors profiles here

oozescouture -
Who: Divya's interests lie in shopping - mostly shoes, handbags and lots of clothes. Here area of expertise for blogging is wedding fashion.

One of Divya's first posts for Oozes Couture was in 2012 you can read her work here. Make sure to check out her blog too
 Who:  Nasheerah is one of our long standing international writers from Singapore. Fashion writer and a dreamer. Dream into her world.

Nasheerah started posting about a large range of topics,her views are always intresting see more from her here

Next time we will give you a showdown of all our contributors skills and expertise. Hope you found all these Asian Fashion Blogs interesting and they get you closer to the real life views of all those shops, designers and events that happen in the fashion calender.

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