Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Henna Mehndi

Henna also known as Mehndi is a natural powder that when mixed with oils, forms a dark paste. This is then transferred into cones and used to create designs to adorn hands, feet & other parts of the body. Once dried , it reveals a stain which usually lasts up to a few weeks.
Oozes Couture Henna Mehndi
Image: Shafina Majid

A womans art Is expressed through the use of mehndi, it requires patience and great skill. It is a form of adornment and looks beautiful hence why it is mainly used for weddings. The bride is adorned with henna and in most cases, the initials of the groom are incorporated into the design. In some cultures the tradition is that the groom must search for his initials on the wedding night and if not found must gift the bride. It's also said 'the darker the mehndi stain, the more the mother in law would love you.

Oozes Couture Henna Mehndi
Image: Shafina Majid

All images used within this article are my own.

Shafina Majid

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