Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shafs Top 6 Mac lipsticks for summer

Ladies! You can never have too many lipsticks. I'm a complete lipstick fanatic and depend on it for my every day look. I have decided to share with you 6 of my favourite shades of Mac lipsticks that will compliment the summer heat.
Oozes Couture Diva Lipstick
Ok, so if you love dark vampy lips, the perfect shade is 'Diva'. This shade can instantly jazz up a simple look. The name compliments the colour & screams glamour.

Candy yum yum
Candy yum yum
Morange Oozes Couture

Ooze scouture Flat out fabulous
Flat out fabulous
Moving onto bright shades. Lip colours that are mainly associated with summer & heat are pinks, purples, corals & reds. Let's take a look into my selection of these tones.
For a bright barbie pink shade, i would definitely recommend 'Candy yum yum'. Yet again Mac has done justice to the name of this lipstick as it truly looks like candy that's good enough to eat!
The most vibrant coral/ orange shade i posses is 'Morange'. This colour absolutely compliments the sunshine and is a very daring shade. The next shade is a purple/pink called 'flat out fabulous'. This shade is my favourite lipstick shade as It compliments any skin tone.
A classy shade of red is 'ruby woo'. Red is such a bold colour and can amplify sophistication.

Mac Ruby Woo
Mac Ruby Woo Image: queenieandthedew

Mac Velvet Teddy

Finally, toning down this colourful article is a more neutral shade, 'Velvet teddy'. Nude coloured lips can keep the overall look natural with a hint of elegance. This shade has a slight brown/pink tint which emphasises that it is not your average nude lipstick.

Shafina Majid

Friday, 25 July 2014

Oozes Couture Inspire Yourself

Oozes Couture Fashion Diaries
See the latest fashion trends for the upcoming season so you won't be out of the loop with street fashion. A collection of photographs compiled by our Team, models and photographer  We give our readers inspiration and ideas on how to style there own outfits.

 Oozes Couture LookBooks

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Contemporary Asian - Launch

Oozes Couture Lookbooks
See the latest fashion trends for the upcoming season so you won't be out of the loop with street fashion. A collection of photographs compiled by our Team, models and photographer  We give our readers inspiration and ideas on how to style there own outfits.

Oozes Couture Lookbooks

Shafs Top 3 Hijab Styles

Every woman that wears the hijab has her own unique way of styling it to adhere to her preferred level of comfort. Being a hijabi (hijab wearer) myself, it can be quite tough trying something new. So, i've decided to put together a 'top 3 hijab styles' based on what i feel is comfortable for me & could be for you too.

Style one: The every day hijab
Woven Paisley Pashmina buy at
The picture above shows a hijab style that can be worn daily. The beauty of this style is that it can be worn for a informal or formal event.

Style two: The loose hijab
Chiffon Shimmer Hijab buy at
The second hijab style as shown above is perfect for hot weather. Loosely wrapped & no hassle with pins just makes it easy to style and easy to resist the heat.

Style three: The turban hijab

This style can be worn both day & night to help achieve a glamorous look. The turban can be styled in many different ways and will also go beautifully with outfits that are mostly decorated around the neck area. Earrings can also be worn with this look which instantly change the whole appearance.

Shafina Majid

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Asian Wedding Magazines For Your Coffee Table

Asian Wedding Magazines For Your Coffee Table
In recent years there has been a fight for the Top Spot for the best Asian Wedding Coffee Table magazine but here are 3 wedding magazines to keep a close eye on

Asiana Wedding Magazine
Viya Magazine

In this digital age we are losing the traditional feeling of flipping a real life page. No need to worry if you have enough Wifi signal or battery power. A great way to start your wedding planning is to browse a few wedding magazines. Relax with a cup of tea, unwind and allow yourself to be inspired. You’ll find many different designers on ideas in these magazines.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Henna Mehndi

Henna also known as Mehndi is a natural powder that when mixed with oils, forms a dark paste. This is then transferred into cones and used to create designs to adorn hands, feet & other parts of the body. Once dried , it reveals a stain which usually lasts up to a few weeks.
Oozes Couture Henna Mehndi
Image: Shafina Majid

A womans art Is expressed through the use of mehndi, it requires patience and great skill. It is a form of adornment and looks beautiful hence why it is mainly used for weddings. The bride is adorned with henna and in most cases, the initials of the groom are incorporated into the design. In some cultures the tradition is that the groom must search for his initials on the wedding night and if not found must gift the bride. It's also said 'the darker the mehndi stain, the more the mother in law would love you.

Oozes Couture Henna Mehndi
Image: Shafina Majid

All images used within this article are my own.

Shafina Majid

Monday, 14 July 2014

What is modest fashion?

What is modest fashion?

The ability to appear trendy/in-style whilst dressing in a way to reduce the visibility of ones figure. Modest dressing is usually loose fitted clothing that covers the main areas of your body at the same time as looking fashionable.
Oozes Couture FengLong Photo
Atlanta Wedding Photographer Zachary Long

Oozes Couture Hijab-ista
Recently, there has been an influx of websites and stores that sell and promote modest clothing. Earlier this month DKNY released a Ramadhan collection which consisted of dresses and skirts that adjust well into the world of modest fashion.
DKNY Oozes Couture
There are also many members of youtube that promote this such as, Dina tokio, Amenakin & babylailalov.

Shafina Majid

Saturday, 12 July 2014


As promised in Part 1 here are the 5 points in  more detail

Point 1: eat healthy.
All of you will agree with me when I say that you are what you eat. We live each day eating just whatever we want but not think of what the consequences we might face later on. We've got to avoid a little bit to gain something better, right? So, we've got to watch what is going into our body. I tried to cut down oily food and chocolates. I have a massive love for chocolates but thinking about it, I let it go. I cut it down and only take chocolates only for once a month.

Point 2: take stress well
Stress is a very common factor in our lives. It's the way you deal with it that will differentiate you from others. We can't avoid stress but we can change it into something positive and live happily. Try not to take things too heavily on your shoulders. If you can put it aside and not drag the stress for a long period, that's great. Remember, when you are stressed, you are inviting these pimples to grow on your face.

Point 3: Minimal make up
It's not wrong to put on makeup to enhance your looks but limit the amount of chemicals that you are putting on your face. I tried to go on with just eyeliner and it was all good. Point to note, NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON.

Point 4: Apply some effort
We've got to put in some extra effort to see some extra good results, right? I tried to put on some goat's milk solution mixed with some other items(i'll do a product review on it soon) recommended by this colleague of mine who worked in the skin industry for quite some time. It was such a pain as I hate putting on extra things on my face but trust me, it will be worth the effort. Point to note here, NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH YOUR HAN DS. WASH THEM FIRST. You never know what you might touch that will cause your hands to carry germs and bacterias. Don't let them affect your beautiful face.

Point 5: Smile!
We've got to be happy with every little progress. The happier we are, your face will show the glow twice more. Trust me, you will look even younger and youthful when you smile and laugh more.

 Nasheerah Salim

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Oozes Couture - Our Top 5 Asian Fashion Blogs

Here at Oozes Couture we like to acknowledge all those in our field that excel in providing real life diverse reviews to their readers.

I think it’s time we talked a little about fashion blogs, In particular Asian Fashion blogs.When it comes to wedding research a quick google search and before we know it we are on a fashion blog. There are a number of well-established bloggers out there today.

Below are
The Oozes Couture Top 5 Asian Fashion Blogs to watch out for over 2014 and 2015.


Who: Nazma from Manchester and aside from running Asian Fashion Blog she works full time in digital marketing.
oozescouture -
What to expect: Independent fashion blog written for a british-asian audience. Covering any fashion topics relevant to British Asians she’ll tell you honestly what she thinks!

Follow her on Twitter @Nazma_AFB


Who: Nina - London/Liverpool based High St. Asian Fashion Blogger and newbie Fashion writer.

Oozes Couture -
What to expect: Hot trends and up & coming designers to watch out for , thoughts on some of the most exciting and diverse Indian fashion talent out there from the likes of the pioneers of Asian Fashion- Manish Malhotra, Abu & Sandeep and Sabyasachi.

Follow her on Twitter @TheAsianFashion


Who: Kavita Donkersley A 20 year old girl from Sheffield (the North of England!)

Oozes Couture -

What to expect: Her blog is the primarily place to express her interest toward vintage fashions and thrifted finds, but has now expanded into outfits of the day and occasional beauty and lifestyle posts.

Follow her on Twitter @SheWearsFashion

Step aside ladies the men have taken to blogging too


Who:  A British Asian Boy, a Healthcare Professional, a Student, a Entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Reader, a Traveller and a Photographer.
What to expect: "the coolest apna on this planet” Just a boy who happens to realise that he needs a voice, a voice which talks particularly about British Asians and the ups and downs impacting them, the comings and goings in and around his life.
Follow him on Twitter @TBABlog


Who: Ziggi an award-winning men's designer, set up in February 2009.
Oozes Couture -

What to expect: A mixture of events from the Asian catwalks from celebs to high profile clients weddings.

Follow him on Twitter@ZiggiStudio

And Finally  

We cant do this post without giving a special mention to our contributors. Alongside writing guest posts for Oozes Couture they also manage their own blogs. 

Make sure to check out all our contributors profiles here

oozescouture -
Who: Divya's interests lie in shopping - mostly shoes, handbags and lots of clothes. Here area of expertise for blogging is wedding fashion.

One of Divya's first posts for Oozes Couture was in 2012 you can read her work here. Make sure to check out her blog too
 Who:  Nasheerah is one of our long standing international writers from Singapore. Fashion writer and a dreamer. Dream into her world.

Nasheerah started posting about a large range of topics,her views are always intresting see more from her here

Next time we will give you a showdown of all our contributors skills and expertise. Hope you found all these Asian Fashion Blogs interesting and they get you closer to the real life views of all those shops, designers and events that happen in the fashion calender.


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