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We've got to agree that all of us seek first-hand help from the internet whenever we aren't unable to understand certain issues in our lives. Specifically for the ladies, we are more concerned about every little thing that is happening to us. Yes, we are very concerned.
Today's topic is PIMPLES, ACNE AND SCARS. This is one of the most important topic in our lives; for both men and ladies, I'd say.

I've got to admit I was among one of you who had acne and trust me, like all of you, I didn't have a good time having them on my face. I felt so insecure and irritated by the fact that when I speak to someone face to face, all that they will notice after the conversation is my acne. I had everyone pointing it out to me that it is time for me to take care of my face and look better.

They went “your acne is really bad. You've got to take care of it otherwise you'll be bullied.”

Yes, it's true. I faced that “being bullied” phase and it wasn't pleasing to share at all. It was a sour phase.
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We do have a group of people who face this problem but they're not doing anything. All day all night, they keep telling themselves that I want to look good but this acne is not helping me. They want to help themselves by NOT DOING ANYTHING!

Like the saying goes, you've got to be the change you want to see.

I live by this quote every single day. I make sure that nothing pulls me down and I hope not to stop living by this quote as it has pushed me really far in life.

Back to the point, my acne is already at the period where I can say that it has almost vanished but how did I do that?

Let me share with you my little secret.

There are the very 5 simple points I practiced religiously to make sure that I can say goodbye to acne.

Eat healthy – you are what you eat (esp oily food)
Take stress well.
Make sure you limit the amount of makeup you put on
Apply some effort to push it away

I will cover these points in more detail in my next part two of this 2 part special.

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

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  1. You can also include sleep well, drink plenty of water and eating fruits regular. These also help to reduce pimples.

    xx Men's Beauty Care


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