Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Favourite Mac Lipsticks

My all-time favourite Mac lipsticks

MAC lipsticks have always been my favourite ever since I bought my first ever lip product from the MAC counters aged 15. I haven’t looked back since! Beautiful textures and abstract colours at mainly affordable prices have ensured that MAC products remain my fave! Enjoy my top 5 MAC lipsticks and let me know which brands/colours are your fave so I can try them ;-)
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Disclaimer: Some lipsticks stated below (*) are matte lipsticks so use a lip balm before applying to avoid your lips from drying out.

1. Heroine

This beautiful shade of deep purple looks amazing as an accessory for a night on the town. Its almost gothic look and smooth application makes for an easy way to glamourize any outfit. It may be summer, but I have a feeling this colour will be a classic.

2. Neon Orange

Orange is a colour that can be rare to pull off. The neon orange lipstick is a beautiful colour, but usually looks better when used for adding a pop of colour in a stark outfit, as opposed to matching to the said outfit. Use wisely and the neon orange lipstick could brighten up your summer!

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3. Hot Tahiti

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love nude lipsticks. However, for some reason I much prefer them in the winter. For a twist on the classic nude lipstick, Hot Tahiti is the perfect replacement! Compliments almost any outfit, which is perfect for the lip shade that requires minimal thought, (perfect when you’re rushing around / getting late!)

4. Relentlessly Red

Every girl needs a red lipstick in her make-up bags. Not everyone suits red, which is absolutely fine, but any kind of red (especially Relentlessly Red) adds a pop of colour to any outfit. For the girls who don’t like bright red lipstick, it is a more subtle shade of pink with undertones of coral.

5. Flat Out Fabulous

I’ve saved my most favourite lipstick until last! I love this shade of pink; it’s an ultimate summer colour being bright and the ability to look glam without looking OTT. The shade could differ according to your skin colour (some people have said it looks like a bright fuchsia, whereas others have mentioned plum undertones). However, one thing I can guarantee is the name is a true reflection of how it makes you look and feel – FLAT OUT FABULOUS!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Khush Wedding Magazine

Looks like we have a serious new contender in the wedding magazine section of the bookshelf. Competing with the likes of Asiana. KHUSH is the UK based wedding magazine for every bride and groom planning the happiest day of their life.
Khush Mag
We are impressed by some of their articles and the new video advert below, we will be bringing more exclusives to you very soon.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Importance of finding that perfect balance.

When I hear the words “perfect balance” my mind is flooded with a variety of different imagery. I imagine tranquil people, glowing faces, positive vibes, and plates of colourful foods, juices, regular meditation, balanced moods and yoga poses. Unfortunately, that’s not case, its never all sunshine and rainbows and it takes time to become a shiny, truly happy person.
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The question I find myself wanting to ask is… “What are you doing to find that perfect balance?” There is so much available to each and every one of us these days, but we have to WANT to find that balance. We need to reach that stage where we say to ourselves “ I’m going to make a conscious effort to make significant lifestyle changes because I deserve to be a happy, healthy balanced person.”

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We live in a health conscious society, where the majority of us want to see an improvement, whether its training in the gym all the week, making improvements to our diet, meditating to reduce stress and generally just encouraging us to think and to be positive people. For this very reason, I struggle to entertain excuses. For me, there is a cure for everything, there is an answer to everything and anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.

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Tips to find that perfect balance.

1) GET YOUR SWEAT ON – More and more of us are turning to exercise. If you are consistent, you can achieve a healthier, slimmer, toned physique. However, there’s so much more to it… Increased energy levels, improvements to circulation and a real sense of peace, to name a few. Research suggest that 5 x 30 minute sessions per week is more effective than longer sessions which can leave you feeling fatigued the next day.

2) YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – What you put in your body makes all the difference. Foods can harm or heal. If you’d like to achieve glowing skin, a healthier physique, increased energy levels, better cognitive function and a general well being, then it is time to reassess what your putting in your mouth. It’s simple enough to make healthy swaps. For example, switching milk chocolate for dark chocolate or white carbohydrates for wholemeal. Starting small can make all the difference.

3) MEDITATE – Meditation is said to lower stress, improve relationships, and improve cognitive abilities, greater sense of purpose, greater emotional stability. Aim to put aside 5-10 minutes per day (morning, afternoon or evening) to find somewhere to lay quietly, concentrate on your breathing, count from 1 to 5 and lose yourself, welcome beautiful imagery that will encourage positive thoughts and ignore any negative thoughts.

4) THINK POSITIVE – You are worthy of great things, you deserve to be a happy, healthy individual. In moments of difficulty, go for a wander online and search for positive and inspiring quotes, go outside and reconnect with nature, read something motivational, wear bright colours, laugh for no reason. Just lose yourself in whatever makes you happy.

5) GET THE GLOW – I don’t care if you’re man or mouse. To maintain that healthy glow, keep hydrated, cleanse, tone and moisturise skin daily. Exfoliate once a week. Support from supplements can be handy. To protect the skin, vitamins A, C, E are the most important, it’s always better to try and get them through your diet, but supplementation is also necessary, as its not possible to get it all through our diet.

Serena Marija


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