Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wardrobe Essentials Part Two

If you haven't read Part One you can find that here

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The prime problem that we face is matching bright colours. When we decide to play with bright colours, we want that look to be fun, vivacious and not taken too seriously. Vibrant yellows and Versace go hand in hand but this combination of such a loud colour takes a bit of courage to pull off with style. You have to feel and look good in what you wear. Choose a strapless cocktail dress with an eye catching detail like a zipper belt and don it with a crystal belt and complete the look with a sexy purple lipsktick and bang on, you'll catch all eyes.

Cocktail Dress Hot Pink
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Second most avoided style is boho print. Boho print is commonly found on maxi dresses and fortunately, maxi dresses are not a task to style. The combination of a maxi dress and a vest is a fashion marriage made in heaven. Maxi has a fantastic sillhoutte and a floaty look. It can work wonders on all body shape. Point to note: the larger you are, the less bold the prints should be. Keep it simple and sexy. Plus point for maxis, the vertical lines on it will lengthen your body making you look taller sexier. Complete the look with ethnic necklace, boho bangles and gladiator sandals of similar shades and you're ready to step out to flaunt.

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Last but not the least, cocktail chic style. A cocktail dress is a must have in every ladies wardrobe. It helps to flatter womanly curves for you to stand proud and work it. Armani is known for some super sexy cocktail dresses. A simple short sleeved or strapless silver tulip shaped cocktailndress embodies sophistication and elegance that one needs. Once you'e found the right piece, it's all about accessorizing it the right way to maximize the potential of the cocktail dress. Get your fashion savvy fingers on an oversized pin and attach it to the simple elegant dress to create a statement. Top it up with a matching metallic belt for an extra edgy look. If you're lucky enough to find a vintage bag at a reasonable price, buy now or regret forever. You'll be dragging it out for all occassion as it will never date. There you go, you're ready to flaunt it chic.

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Matching outfits isn't that tough. Unleash your creative side and you'll be able to. It's always important to feel and look good in whatever you wear.

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