Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wardrobe Essentials Part One

Guys - I have a two part special for you on wardrobe essentials, my plan is too post part two this time next week so keep tuned,

Lets get straight into it, we all adore fashion especially those glamorous and exclusive looks you see on the runway created by top designers in the world. However, it's not that easy to keep up with trends and constantly updating our wardrobe to try to replicate these looks and move a step ahead in fashion.

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If you're planning to update your wardrobe with some essentials, look no further. In this post, I'll help you decide what are the must-haves in your wardrobe and how you wear them well.

First and foremost, a little black dress and a pencil skirt. This is highly recommended in every ladies' wardrobe. To find the perfect piece to fit your style, you have to think classic and flattering to your body shape. For the pencil skirt, make sure you find an exclusive piece that hits either the top of your knee or compromise. Shorter looks tacky and longer looks frumpy which will not enhance the sexy look that you're aiming for.
Blouse and Pencil Oozes Couture
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Second must have are tshirts that suit your shape. This is a simple yet important item that you have to take note. Neither do you want to reveal whatever you have too much nor do you want to hide them. If you're small in the bust department, a turtle or crew neck t-shirt is best for you. Bigger busted ladies should go for either deep V-neck cut or low scopped round neck cut t-shirts.

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Last but not the least, denim... It's never and will never be easy to find a perfect pair of denims to flaunt. However, a pair of skinny and a pair of boot cut jeans in either blue or black will serve all your denim needs. You save all the trouble scratching your head trying to look for the perfect cut.
Jeans Oozes Couture
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Now that I'm done introducing you to the three must haves pieces in a ladies' wardrobe, I want to shift attention to pulling off quirky styles. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say at least once, you've tried to put on something a bit to bright but then decided to change out of it because you don't want to look like a clown .

Worry not ladies, I will be revealing the secret to pulling these looks off. Only one catch you have to wait for part two this time next week.

Read Part Two here

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

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