Saturday, 21 December 2013

Designer Profile - Sati Thakar

Whilst this name might not shout out to a lot of guys.. I’m sure to many women this is a guy of many talents.

Sati Thakar gave up a career in Law to pursue a more creative industry… fashion. When his sister got married, he stitched her wedding outfit and spent a long while looking for the perfect shoes to match. Once people had seen how beautiful the outfit had turned out, Sati had found himself getting requests for more.

I was lucky enough to have a little chat with the very man himself at the Sati Thakar 10th anniversary event a few weeks ago. see that post here One of the most inspiring things about such a successful individual – is how humble and modest he is. They say behind every successful man is a strong wise woman – and working alongside Sati is his very own Aunty-ji. The brides attending the event not only looked up to Sati as a friend, but also to Aunty-ji as a guide and support during such a chaotic time.

The Sati Thakar name has gone from dressing his own sister to a number of celebrities and many fortunate women (and men) too. When talking to Sati about his inspiration behind each unique creation, he said “his vision comes from personal touches or particular looks to incorporate personality and individuality into every design”.

Sati Thakar is such an inspiring individual – who has so much passion and care for his clients. He and Aunty-ji don’t just offer a service to their clients, but they offer a heart and an individually tailored service.

Congratulations on 10 years of happiness, Sati!

Kiran Seeley

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