Saturday, 28 December 2013

Singapore’s Fide Fashion Week

Japanese labels, with their highly-innovative and practical design approach, are steadily finding a firm foothold in almost all fashion arenas in the global society.
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Apart from the western side of the globe, the eastern fashion world has also started taking interest in Japanese fashion. Recently at Singapore’s Fide Fashion Week, which showcased collections from nearly 30 European and Asian designers, the Japanese couturier Yumi Katsura’s catwalk show was largely appreciated. 

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Designer Profile - Sati Thakar

Whilst this name might not shout out to a lot of guys.. I’m sure to many women this is a guy of many talents.

Sati Thakar gave up a career in Law to pursue a more creative industry… fashion. When his sister got married, he stitched her wedding outfit and spent a long while looking for the perfect shoes to match. Once people had seen how beautiful the outfit had turned out, Sati had found himself getting requests for more.

I was lucky enough to have a little chat with the very man himself at the Sati Thakar 10th anniversary event a few weeks ago. see that post here One of the most inspiring things about such a successful individual – is how humble and modest he is. They say behind every successful man is a strong wise woman – and working alongside Sati is his very own Aunty-ji. The brides attending the event not only looked up to Sati as a friend, but also to Aunty-ji as a guide and support during such a chaotic time.

The Sati Thakar name has gone from dressing his own sister to a number of celebrities and many fortunate women (and men) too. When talking to Sati about his inspiration behind each unique creation, he said “his vision comes from personal touches or particular looks to incorporate personality and individuality into every design”.

Sati Thakar is such an inspiring individual – who has so much passion and care for his clients. He and Aunty-ji don’t just offer a service to their clients, but they offer a heart and an individually tailored service.

Congratulations on 10 years of happiness, Sati!

Kiran Seeley

Friday, 6 December 2013

What is in my luggage bag?

Packing for trip
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As we welcome December, we are also counting the days to our next trip overseas with out family or friends. The most important thing to check off the list is how to pack my luggage? Whenever you travel, you want to make sure you don't over bring items or under bring them to make sure you don't have to panic while enjoying the perfect trip to release those stress. Well, let me make things easier for you... I'll share with you some tips that you can follow to make sure your luggage is perfectly packed for you.

Prime tip: You have to pack according to the weather, location and activities planned. Be sure to include important items like toiletries, medications and valuables in another small pack where you can bring it anywhere easily.

Holiday packing
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Check out the weather at your destination(s) before you go.
Weather is the most important thing we have to consider before packing our luggage. You can't be packing winter clothes for an area that experience all-time summer. Check if you might need shorts, bathing suits or thick clothes to keep you warm according to the latest weather update online. If you have friends who have been there before or is residing there, you can ask them for the exact weather update, just to be extra prepared. Expect the unexpected.

Plan each day in advance.
Pack just the right amount of clothes that you need. You might want to be an extra set of clothing, just in case. Point to note, never over pack your luggage as you can always buy a cheap T-shirt, if you need. Also, over packing your luggage will not leave space for you to keep gifts and souvenirs.

Put large or heavy clothing at the bottom.

Always remember to put heavier or bulky outfits at the bottom. It will not be a pain for you when you unpack or when you need to rush to find an outfit. It will keep your luggage neat and not to messy to handle.

Lightweight layers does wonders!
This is for both men and ladies, pack lightweight outfits that you can layer with a cardigan or just a simple casual vest. This works for both hot and cold weather. A great tip to follow!

Fold or roll
You can choose to fold or roll your items in the luggage. To avoid outfits from having more wrinkles, you can fold them... otherwise, you can roll those items like towels and sleeping suit.

Use inside if your shoes as storage space.
To avoid eating up too much of space, you can roll up socks and stuff it in. If you have other small trinkets, you can put that in your shoes too.

Pack fragile items in the center of your case.
This way, they are less likely to be broken. If possible, avoid bringing them! :)

Put shoes in a plastic bag.
This is so that after you wear them, you can put them away without damaging other items.

There you go...8 tips to check when packing your bag before you leave. If you are going to be on a long flight, don't forget to keep your makeup bag with you. Refresh yourself before you start your journey.

Get your cameras ready and snap your moments away!

Nasheerah Salim


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