Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mens Fashion - Nafees Snapbacks

The hip-hop industry has greatly promoted snapbacks. Snapbacks are advertised in music videos, lyrics, images, interviews, billboards etc. In recent years celebrities have used snapbacks as a key feature to their fashion trends.
Singer Nafees Oozes Couture
Singer Nafees Photo credit: ZulfPhotography

More and more fans have adapted this tendency and the snapback usage has increased. Hip-hop artists Chris Brown and Tyga have promoted snapbacks in both their lyrics and music video for the song Snapbacks Back. Furthermore, Singer Nafees has featured them in his fashion trends and in most of his music videos, such as in his video "Bukhaar" video below

We hope to bring you more fresh content when we get the chance to interview Nafees about his contemporary asian style.


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Singer Nafees
Zulf Photography
Wiki Snapbacks

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