Saturday, 28 September 2013

Top 3 shopping places – Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its beautiful culture, outfits and amazing food. I assure, you will never regret shopping here especially when you can get everything under one hub. Shopping in Pakistan will turn anyone into a little kid in a candy store.
Credit: Syed Tirmizi
First up, we have the Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. Anarkali is the oldest bazaar of South Asia named after legendary girl named “Anarkali.” Here, you can find beautiful outfits that will always remind you the beauty of Pakistan and its lovely culture.

Credit:Hemanshu Kumar

Credit:Hemanshu Kumar

Second, we have Hunza on the list. The Hunza hats are famous throughout the whole world. Yes, you got it right… they are known worldwide. What is so special about their hats? They are embroidered by hand and are a must buy in Hunza.

Lastly, main bazaar in Nathia Gali. If you are looking for a place where you can buy everything at one go, then Main Bazaaar is the right place to complete your last minute shopping in Pakistan for everyone back home. Everything under one hub, you can find everything from handicrafts, clothes, food and lovely souveniers.
Credit: Navnetmitt

Credit: Navnetmitt

Filled with beautiful culture and just so much of love, Pakistan is definitely a must visit for you to have a great vacation. Now that I am done with this four-series shopping places listing, it is time for you to update your vacation plans and grab a ticket to fly away and have fun!

Credit: Navnetmitt

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