Friday, 9 August 2013

Culture Mix - Kiran Seeley

Wherever we look, without realising it there are always signs of cultures mixing together. Whether
it’s in relationships, whether it’s having cushion covers made out of highly decorated sari material or whether it’s eating at restaurants serving food from different cultures.
But in fashion, it’s not so easy to spot. A current trend I’ve noticed recently is the Aztec pattern
being worn as midi dresses or midi skirts. Whilst this look is powerful I’ve also noticed it doesn’t suit
Pictures courtesy of MTV

However, recently we’ve had Selena Gomez wearing a blue and white cheque patterned dress with what looks to be a beautiful hemline of a sari round the waist.. and then in her MTV awards set she wore a bindi. It was the cause for controversy but it is becoming a much more common fashion piece. (Pictures courtesy of MTV). Talking about Selena, her latest video for “Come and get it” features a very “Bollywood” themed dance routine.
Pictures courtesy of MTV

Pictures courtesy of MTV
And lastly, what about this! Courtesy of Indian Wonder Women, it’s a very unusual mix of west and east. The peplum textured top worn with
an Indian decorated shawl (or chunni). With flared trousers decorated both with the textured material from the top and some highly decorated patterned fabric. Is it an English take of a salwaar kameez, or is it an Indian take of top and trouser? Either way, I love it.

Kiran Seeley


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