Monday, 29 July 2013

Time for a new look?

Hi, ladies! I’m a new writer for oozescouture; my name is Leah Alexander and I wanted to introduce myself over my next 3 posts by talking a bit about my personal style, my favourites and my style inspiration.

It’s taken several years of trial and error to find the styles that suit me best. My top tip would be to always try on clothes. Clothes look completely different on a body as opposed to on a hanger. So keep an open mind and experiment with new looks.

Personally, I’m fair-skinned and blue-eyed, so it can be difficult for me to wear pastel colours as they have the effect of making look ghostly pale. I tend to stick to neutral, dark and earthy tones. If you have medium to dark skin tones, you’re lucky and can get away with wearing pretty much any colour.

I have an hourglass figure and my dress size varies between 10 and 14 depending on where I shop; and my hips are wider than my bust. So, dark coloured jeans are a great choice for me as they look very slimming. On my figure, skinny jeans would need to be worn with heels. Alternatively wide leg trousers and boot-cut jeans are great for providing balance to a curvy figure.

I’ve been shopping at New Look a lot this season because their collection has been great and their prices are so competitive. It’s good to get some basic pieces to build outfits around. These wide leg linen trousers are going for just £14.99.

wide leg linen trousers
Wide leg linen trousers
I love skirts that sit on or below the knee as mini-skirts are not flattering on big thighs. Pencil skirts that nip in at the waist and taper at the knee are perfect for curves and great for work.  This one is £9.99 from New Look and also comes in Coral.
Pencil skirt
Pencil skirt

A wardrobe staple for me is blazers.  I know it’s hot in the summer months, but they are perfect for smartening up an outfit, whether it’s for work, shopping, or going out in the evenings. I bought this one from New Look months ago and wear it regularly. It was £24.99 and has pretty much paid for itself.


In-keeping with monochrome trends, I also bought this blazer for £24.99 from H&M.  It’s perfect over a cocktail dress for girls’ nights and summer parties.

Leah J x

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