Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top picks of the week!

Window shopping is something most of us love to do but online window shopping is something I prefer on my lazy days. My top 3 favourite websites are forever 21, topshop and cotton on. Mostly because I feel really comfortable in their outfit and their fashion style is perfect for a teenager like me. 
So here goes, my top 3 picks…

1. Tribal crop top from forever 21

Tribal crop top oozescouture
Image Credit: forever 21
I really love the combination between the prime colour and the design of the top. I am a fan of tribal print however; some of the prints can be really loud for me to wear it when I prefer a simple and casual look. This is the perfect top I can go with my black bottoms just to make myself feel a little lighter on my lazy days. You can get this from forever 21 online for just $8.80.
2. Tube dress from Zara

Tube dress from Zara
Image Credit: Zara
This caught my eye as soon I scroll down the page. If you want to create a statement without going too overboard but feel comfortable at the same time, this tube dress will brighten your personality even more with the beautiful colour. 

3. Printed Leggings from Cotton On

Printed Leggings from Cotton On
Image Credit: Cotton on

Printed leggings? Yes please. Gone are the times for plain black leggings. It’s time to spice up our looks with printed leggings and my current favourite will have to be this print. It is not too heavily printed so, I will not have a hard time matching it with my tops. Creating a statement without taking a huge risk, this piece is perfect for everyone. Must have! 

I guess that’s all for my top three picks. Share with me yours and we’ll have a good time matching our favourites and expanding our wardrobe.

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

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