Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fashion Icon – Male

I’ve been searching lately for inspiration on men’s fashion and I am a huge fan of colours but I can’t find someone who inspires me to combine colours.

So recently, I was browsing through the net and I finally found the perfect model. I’ve been looking for someone who has perfect style, who is able to inspire me when it comes to men’s fashion… and now I name him my fashion icon… he is none other than the flawless beauty Mariano Di Vaio.

Image Credit: Eleonora Sebastiani

I am sure his name is on everyone’s lips with his perfect style from head to toe yet, I am extremely excited to share what I like about him and why he is my favourite.

Despite busy with his modeling schedules, he has time to share his fashion tips and decided to set up a website where he will share his knowledge for everyone to learn and look great.

Equipped with amazing and detailed pictures, his website allows anyone who is not so familiar with fashion to learn how to style colours and outfits together to look great for any occasion. Not only that, he has videos to even visually explain more about his way of styling, what more can we ask for?

That’s such a privilege! Last but not the least, you can also purchase some of his favourites from his website itself and be as fashionable as Mariano Di Vaio.

Don’t forget to check out his amazing website and youtube channel here: (website)
(youtube channel)


Guys, you already have a fashion guru on your list now and for the ladies, you’ll definitely fall in love with this fashionista!

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

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