Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top picks of the week!

Window shopping is something most of us love to do but online window shopping is something I prefer on my lazy days. My top 3 favourite websites are forever 21, topshop and cotton on. Mostly because I feel really comfortable in their outfit and their fashion style is perfect for a teenager like me. 
So here goes, my top 3 picks…

1. Tribal crop top from forever 21

Tribal crop top oozescouture
Image Credit: forever 21
I really love the combination between the prime colour and the design of the top. I am a fan of tribal print however; some of the prints can be really loud for me to wear it when I prefer a simple and casual look. This is the perfect top I can go with my black bottoms just to make myself feel a little lighter on my lazy days. You can get this from forever 21 online for just $8.80.
2. Tube dress from Zara

Tube dress from Zara
Image Credit: Zara
This caught my eye as soon I scroll down the page. If you want to create a statement without going too overboard but feel comfortable at the same time, this tube dress will brighten your personality even more with the beautiful colour. 

3. Printed Leggings from Cotton On

Printed Leggings from Cotton On
Image Credit: Cotton on

Printed leggings? Yes please. Gone are the times for plain black leggings. It’s time to spice up our looks with printed leggings and my current favourite will have to be this print. It is not too heavily printed so, I will not have a hard time matching it with my tops. Creating a statement without taking a huge risk, this piece is perfect for everyone. Must have! 

I guess that’s all for my top three picks. Share with me yours and we’ll have a good time matching our favourites and expanding our wardrobe.

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fashion shopping in Paris – Top 3

Paris View
Image Credit: saxman772
Bonjour! I am sure you already have an idea on which country I am going to focus on today. Yes, you got it right…it’s Paris. It is impossible to exclude Paris when we are talking about shopping. Though known as the city of love, Paris is also known for its beautiful antiques and of course, an unforgettable shopping experience for everyone from all walks of life.

First up, we have Carrousel De Louvre, open seven days a week and located in the heart of Paris, the Carousel De Louvre is an ideal shopping center to hit if you are looking for high quality yet exclusive items.

Imge Credit: RoseBennet

Second on the list, Les Halles and Rue De Rivoli. If you are into quirky contemporary shopping or maybe something fresh from the runway by young cutting-edge designers, then this will be an absolute paradise for you. Exclusively known to be a hub filled with trendy boutiques, Les Halles and Rue De Rivoli is a must visit when you are in the city of love, Paris.
Image Credit: ScottSmith
Last but definitely not the least, Forum Des Halles shopping center, it is impossible to write about shopping in Paris and not include this stop. Not only focused on luxury and exclusive items, this Parisian mall includes many stores in the mid-range as well. One thing for sure, this mall will always top the list where convenience and variety is concerned. Zara, Sephora, Swarovski… you name it, you get it.
Image Credit: Carlsizer
Voila, now that I am done listing them, it is time for you to polish your French and bonjour your way to shop in Paris!

Nasheerah Salim

My buys from New Look

So after this stressful exam period, I went out and did what every girl should do to cheer herself up – SHOPPING!

There are many shops that I love but New Look has to be one of my favourite high street shops, due to its on-trend fashion and reasonable prices. I recently purchased a pair of blue denim wash short dungarees. Dungarees may have looked extremely nerdy back in the day but they have made a return to the fashion scene and they are looking very cute! Denim will always be around, and these dungarees are the perfect item of clothing for girls who don’t want to wear shorts but want to show some skin for summer. I will team these dungarees with a simple white vest top to wear underneath and a pair of white flip-flops, however think of the dungarees as a pair of jeans; pretty much anything will go with them. At £24.99 they aren’t cheap but for a staple item for summer, it is definitely worth the price!

Image Credit: New look

I also purchased a skater skirt from TopShop. Upon discovering this type of skirt, I have realised that for girls who have a smaller derrière (like myself) it illuminates that particular body part and draws attention to other parts of your body, your smaller hips for example. The colour I chose for my skater skirt was a purple, because it’s an ideal colour whether for summer or winter. I decided to team my skater skirt with a black vest top, a chunky necklace and coral coloured shoes to add a pop of colour. The skirt comes in at £16.00, however it is definitely an item that can be re-worn in a number of different styles. 

Purple Speckle Skater Skirt
Image Credit: New Look

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fashion Icon – Male

I’ve been searching lately for inspiration on men’s fashion and I am a huge fan of colours but I can’t find someone who inspires me to combine colours.

So recently, I was browsing through the net and I finally found the perfect model. I’ve been looking for someone who has perfect style, who is able to inspire me when it comes to men’s fashion… and now I name him my fashion icon… he is none other than the flawless beauty Mariano Di Vaio.

Image Credit: Eleonora Sebastiani

I am sure his name is on everyone’s lips with his perfect style from head to toe yet, I am extremely excited to share what I like about him and why he is my favourite.

Despite busy with his modeling schedules, he has time to share his fashion tips and decided to set up a website where he will share his knowledge for everyone to learn and look great.

Equipped with amazing and detailed pictures, his website allows anyone who is not so familiar with fashion to learn how to style colours and outfits together to look great for any occasion. Not only that, he has videos to even visually explain more about his way of styling, what more can we ask for?

That’s such a privilege! Last but not the least, you can also purchase some of his favourites from his website itself and be as fashionable as Mariano Di Vaio.

Don’t forget to check out his amazing website and youtube channel here: (website)
(youtube channel)


Guys, you already have a fashion guru on your list now and for the ladies, you’ll definitely fall in love with this fashionista!

Till then,
Nasheerah Salim

Fashion Shopping In India - Top 3

Shopping in India undoubtedly is a paradise. No, it is not all about the traditional Indian clothing anymore. Over the years, the number of exclusive malls in India has grown rapidly. Currently, the list of largest shopping mall in India is ruled by the newly opened mall in Mumbai known as Phoenix Market City.

Image Credit: raghavvidya's
First up, we have the largest shopping mall in India, Phoenix Market City in Mumbai. The newly opened grand new mall in Kurla, Mumbai is the largest in India and also Asia. The mall houses about 600 stores, 14 screen multiplex and more than 20 restaurants… Isn’t that amazing? What more can a shopper ask? Everything is under one roof!
Image Credit: sourendu_gupta

Next up, we have Mantri Square Mall in Bangalore. Yes, don’t be surprised… Bangalore is no less when it comes to shopping. Mantri square mall is the second biggest shopping mall in India. Houses more than 250 outlets and a multiplex hall, this mall is now a major place for businesses to organize events and contests to gather public acceptance.

Image Credit: Jean-François Chénier's
Last but not the least, High Street Phoenix in Mumbai. This shopping complex has shops of everything from international brands as well as Indian brands. The huge compound is one of the best places for shopaholics. Not to mention, Palladium, a luxury shopping center which houses up market luxury brands is also available here. You will never leave India empty handed.

Three series down, I hope it has somehow helped you to know more about these countries and knowing more about shopping wisely without wasting your time. Look out for the last one… Till then!

Nasheerah Salim

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jayne Elizabeth Millinery

We love individually designed and created especially for you accessories. We came across this designer who makes stunning hair accessories.

Photo Credit: Jayne Elizabeth Millinery

Bespoke hats hair accessories and fascinators
We love how each element of a design has been given a level of interest to allow the couture feel. 
Photo Credit: Jayne Elizabeth Millinery



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