Sunday, 7 April 2013

Womens perfect black leather jacket

I've been searching for "the perfect black leather jacket" for quite some time now, and after finding this one I instantly fell in love.

Womens perfect black leather jacket
My perfect black leather jacket
Although it has gold spikes and studs across the shoulders and around the wrists, it still has a feminine streak to it. I've been searching for a fairly decent priced one, as no one has £80 to blow on one jacket (well not someone like me, who knows for a fact she'll only wear this jacket 2 times before handing it over to a charity shop!) which is why I was searching like a madman for a fairly priced one and found *this* it was £25 (in the sale) reduced from £50, so I thought 'why not?' It's not every day a girl has a chance to try something outside of her comfort zone without spending a dime!

Gold Studs - black leather jacket
Gold Studs - black leather jacket

Okay back to jacket now... its leather material is fairly thin compared to others I've shopped around for, yet it still has a comfy fit and will keep you warm! It goes with just about anything (black and gold, how can it not?!) This jacket has now become a personal favourite of mine and I wear it almost everyday...the charity shop is going to have to wait another few months until they get it!
Only other details I can tell you (which aren't on the website description) are that this jacket looks WAAY different in real life, than it does online...but I guess that's what you get with everything nowadays! I would definitely recommend this jacket but hurry before they run out! Also you can even match this jacket with your favourite salwar suit without it seeming too 'risky' – Happy shopping guys xo

Yasmin Asha Ismail 


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