Sunday, 13 January 2013

Grace and Lace - Legwarmers

You may ask yourself why we are featuring leg warmers on our couture blog. I can reassure you these are very special, coming from a mum who made her hobby into a business. 

Let's also remind our readers "Couture is the art and practice of custom dressmaking and designing" 
This ticks all the boxes! you will agree, you cant get more custom than these super soft super glam warmers.

I love the layering and the mix of cool and warm simply Oozes Couture.

Grace & Lace Logo Oozes Couture
Grace and Lace
Grace & Lace Logo LegWarmers
Grace and Lace formally SiennasCloset

Grace & Lace Logo Oozes Couture
Grace and Lace
All these amazing pieces are bought to you by Melissa a mum from Austin, Texas. Fear not they deliver worlwide. She made her idea "Siennas Closet" into a business "Grace and Lace" we love you for making these available for everyone to purchase. You can find them on facebook here

Grace and Lace Logo

We will be in talks with Grace and Lace to see if we can have a give away for our readers. Updates to follow.


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