Sunday, 27 January 2013

Asiana Bridal Show 2013 London

Planning your perfect wedding  with over 100 exhibitors at the The Asiana Bridal show, you'll find the best fashion designers, make-up artists, jewellers, mehndi artists,florists, DJs and many other leading wedding service providers.

The show takes place on Sunday 27th January 2013 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, overlooking the River Thames. 

Catwalks throughout the day (1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm) 

Asiana Bridal Show 2013 oozescouture
Asiana Bridal Show 2013

I will be bringing attending and will bring exclusives to you soon...


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fashion Shopping In Singapore - Top 3

Singapore is a shoppers dream. It offers everything you need under one hub, and in some cases the shops are open for 24 hours. You name it, you get it. Orchard Road is definitely the prime shopping area in Singapore. It’s lined with exclusive malls that will make you shop till you drop. 

First and foremost: 313@Somerset offers an exceptional range of leading international and local brands that will leave you spoilt for choices. Once you’re here to shop, it’s impossible to not make a second trip down to shop again! 

313@Somerset shopping
313@Somerset Image Credit: Chooyutshing
2: Ion Orchard is one of the latest iconic shopping mall with a spectacular frontage and cutting edge designs and concepts. It offers the best brands in the world, sprawling over eight levels of shopping space. You’ll have a jaw dropping experience especially with over 300 retail stores to choose from.
Ion Orchard shopping
Ion Orchard Image Credit: Chooyutshing
3. The Paragon is truly a shopping heaven which features various fashion spread all over the building. Prada, Gucci, Mont Blanc and many more, they’re everywhere. Second visit is a must. 

The Paragon Shopping
The Paragon Image Credit: Chooyutshing

Now that you’ve read this, book the next flight to Singapore and it’s time to shop!

Nasheerah Salim

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ziggi Studio - Exclusive Menswear

Early in November I did a little research around fashion designers for men. I came across two key players one of which I covered here. A major contender  is Ziggi Studio an award-winning menswear brand.

I'm in this marketplace again to help a relative choose the right outfit for her other half. I will be looking at Ziggi Studio today.

Ziggi Studio Oozes Couture
Ziggi Studio Image: facebook
I have noticed Ziggi Studio are very active on facebook, I will use there facebook for my first impression.   

Firstly I have to agree facebook is a great way to get yourself noticed however an active website should accompany this, for a complete professional finish. 

I like how a majestic tone is set from the start, the about us page says "Majestic menswear for the modern Maharaja" this statement is very appealing to me and sets the scene.
Ziggi Studio OozesCouture
Ziggi Studio Image: facebook
It seems the key player in this company is Creative Director Ziggi Akhtar, I really like how everything is published for us to see on the timeline and everything is fresh. I can see they are an award-winning menswear brand and rightly so.
Left: Ziggi Akhtar Receiving an IAFAward- Best Male Fashion Designer
It is a difficult market, pleasing most men is hard enough but making them come to terms with fashion is difficult. Typically speaking any man seems to be happy to turn up to a wedding in a pair of jeans and a shirt thinking its ok

Ziggi Studio is the brand that is successfully teasing the men to something new and exotic.

The cherry on the cake has to be Rishi Rich’s wedding Sherwani was made by Ziggi Studio.

I hope to bring you more soon...



Laura Moore Boutique - Designer & Stylist

You all know how we at Oozes Couture like to identify upcoming talent. I came across this independent fashion designer, she is creating some unique looks & trends. Laura Moore Fashion is a quirky designer providing fabulous clothing for both women & men.

Below are a few images from her Styling Portfolio - Fashion & Hair - The Streets By Linda Blacker

The Streets By Linda Blacker
The Streets By Linda Blacker
The Streets By Linda Blacker
The Streets By Linda Blacker

The Streets - Photography By Linda Blacker ALUK
Fashion Stylist & Hair Stylist - Laura Moore
Make Up Artist - Michelle Blacker
Model - Francesca Ellis
If you like what you see like - Linda Blacker ALUK on Twitter @LindaALUK

Vintage Chic Collection 2011

Designer: Laura Moore

Designer: Laura Moore
Designer: Laura Moore

Designer: Laura Moore
MUA: Ayesha Smith
Photographer: Ted Chan
Model: BiancaAurora Militante

You can find more about Laura Moore here: 


Grace and Lace - Legwarmers

You may ask yourself why we are featuring leg warmers on our couture blog. I can reassure you these are very special, coming from a mum who made her hobby into a business. 

Let's also remind our readers "Couture is the art and practice of custom dressmaking and designing" 
This ticks all the boxes! you will agree, you cant get more custom than these super soft super glam warmers.

I love the layering and the mix of cool and warm simply Oozes Couture.

Grace & Lace Logo Oozes Couture
Grace and Lace
Grace & Lace Logo LegWarmers
Grace and Lace formally SiennasCloset

Grace & Lace Logo Oozes Couture
Grace and Lace
All these amazing pieces are bought to you by Melissa a mum from Austin, Texas. Fear not they deliver worlwide. She made her idea "Siennas Closet" into a business "Grace and Lace" we love you for making these available for everyone to purchase. You can find them on facebook here

Grace and Lace Logo

We will be in talks with Grace and Lace to see if we can have a give away for our readers. Updates to follow.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ladies's Best Friend - Handbags

Enough of outfits, it’s time for me to introduce to you to our best friend – Handbags. Women and handbags, we’re inseparable. It has turned into a necessity for us women, to don our outfit with a handbag. So, in this post, I’ll share with you my top three choices. 

1. Miche Bags
This is an absolutely lovely piece. If you’re going to don a plain single coloured outfits, this handbag will do the perfect magic for you to stand out. This will bring out the wild side in you and it’ll also spice up that dull single coloured look.  
Check out more items from the official website here :

Miche Bags Ooze Couture
Michebag - Skylar

2. Aldo
This piece itself is a beauty on its own. I’d advise you to tone down the accessories on yourself to allow this beauty to stand out when you’re carrying it. All eyes will be on you and this beauty. Such a lovely piece, not worth a miss! Check more here:

Handbags OozesCouture
ASOS Aldo Lindwall

3. Loewe Madrid 
It’s a MUST for every woman to have a gold handbag in their closet…and this is the perfect piece for you to show it off. It’s a simple yet classy piece that will go with every outfit. Check this piece out! Check more here: 

Handbags OozesCouture
Loewe Madrid
So now that you’ve check these beauties out, it’s time to get your hands on them!

Nasheerah Salim

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Exclusive 2013 Photo Promise

We promise to bring our readers the best Asian Fashion show images over 2013. This heavely relies on us providing excellent quality images. After a lot of communication with various photographers we are pleased to announce we have now made a decision to showcase pictures and illustration from an experienced fashion photographer.
ZulfPhotography Exclusive Asian Fashion
Coverage from Asiana Bridal Show
ZulfPhotography Pakistan Fashion Week
Coverage from Pakistan Fashion Week
Zulf Photography Exclusive Asian Fashion
Zulf Photography Exclusive Asian Fashion
The images above and many more to follow are all Copyright to ZulfPhotography. You can see more of there work here

We hope to bring more fresh content over the coming months.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bridal Catwalk with Navin Kundra

I absolutely love this concept for a catwalk an amazing singer onstage with the models.

Who needs a host when you have Navin Kundra busting his moves on stage.
You can find more about Navin on his fan page at

@NavinKundra - Shudaayi

PMV Productions

Event - Asian Wedding Exhibition 2012
Location - Edgbaston Cricket Club Birmingham
Date: 18th Nov 2012


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sobia Nazir Fashion Show Islamabad

Some great outfits showcased in the feature at Islamabad Fashion Show

We have just received some great images from our contact in Islamabad.  A Sobia Nazir Fashion Show Taken at Islamabad Marriott Hotel. 

Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture
Fashion Show Islamabad
Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture
Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture

Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture
Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture
Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture
Fashion Show Islamabad Oozes Couture

We are currently finalizing some new content for 2013 keep tuned for the best couture exclusive news


Pakistan Fashion Week

Hosted by Raj and Pablo, this is the one and only Pakistan Fashion show that brings the media attention to the great Pakistani Fashion Houses. An amazing geography makes Pakistan a true melting pot of cultures, influences and traditions.

Traditions or ‘riwayat’ play a key role in the Pakistani culture Riwayat is a UK Company that brings this show to the masses Which is why, Riwayat was the name chosen by Adnan Ansari for the platform that is bringing Pakistan’s best to the European market.

We have some great images to share with you, more to follow soon

Pakistan Fashion Week Raj and Pablo
Raj and Pablo host Pakistan Fashion Week 
Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week
Pakistan Fashion Week
Pakistan Fashion Week
Pakistan Fashion Week
Pakistan Fashion Week
Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week UK held  at Kensington hall, London showcased the following designers:
Khushboos by Chand
Rana Noman, by Burooj Couture
Jay Roche
Sonar, by Sayma and Hamna
Waseem, by Lakhani Textiles
Ayesha Hashwani
Fahad Hussain
Ishtiaque Afzal
Nazneen Tarique
Waseem Noor
Deep Red, by Amrah
Amna Farhan
SRS, by Nazia
Bombay House
Naushemian, by Noman Arfeen
Akif Mehmood



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