Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Special - Jute & Juco eco bags

Weekend Custom Couture Accessories  - As soon as I saw the Pakistan Fashion Week Edition of this Jute & Juco eco bag I had to find out who makes these and give it a special feature on our blog.
Jute & Juco eco bags Oozes Couture
Jute & Juco PFW3 Bag
Its easy to see this is as RAW as it gets, an actual real person would have put their heart and mind into designing these amazing accessories. You will know I'm not a fan of mass produced machined products, which makes owning such a design that extra bit rewarding.

Jute & Juco eco bags OozesCouture
Personalised Jute & Juco Bag
Ladies if you are anything like me, you will love the ability to request endless possibilities of adding,  Swarovski Crystals, Sequins, flowers and bows to your bags. The bags are all hand painted and personalised by name, hair style/colour and eye colour. I can tell from the photos below each bag is uniquely made and there is little chance someone else will have the exact same design.

Jute & Juco eco bags OozesCouture
Personalised Jute & Juco Bag
They have lots of great concepts I couldn't fit them all on this post but feel free to check them out on twitter @Handycandybags and facebook

"Jute & Juco eco bags..but with a sweet twist..they are personalised to you..!!

"Each bag includes; a hand painted doll with an item in the right hand, your name and a statement bow placed on the bag. All bags will include some sort of glitter, crystals and 1-4 butterfly's."

Jute & Juco eco bags OozesCouture
Personalised Jute & Juco Bag
Personalised Jute & Juco Bag OozesCouture
Personalised Jute & Juco Bag

I will be contacting Jute & Juco eco bags and hope to bring you a speacial feature very soon. Maybe even a chance to win a OozeCouture version of this bag... stay tuned..

I wish all you all a Merry Christmas


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