Monday, 26 November 2012

National Asian Wedding Show

As promised best outfits from The National Asian Wedding Show held in Birmingham. Gul Ahmed had some stunning outfits on show a few outfits I loved are below.

Show Hosted by: Anushka Arora
BBC Asian Network are the Radio partner for the National Asian Wedding Show at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.
Date: Sunday, 25th November 2012
Zulf Photography OzzesCouture
Hosted by: Anushka Arora

Gul Ahmed Collection Ozzescouture
Gul Ahmed Collection
Seema Sarees Ozzes Couture
Seema Sarees
Gul Ahmed Collection Ozzescouture
Gul Ahmed Collection
Gul Ahmed Collection Ozzescouture
Gul Ahmed Collection
Gul Ahmed Collection Ozzescouture
Gul Ahmed Collection

Gul Ahmed Collection Ozzescouture
Gul Ahmed Collection
All image credits to

I was there with my note book and i have to say everything went like clockwork great timing and a great catwalk.  

Well done to the Management team The National Asian Wedding Show.

The participants of the Fashion Catwalk were:

Shoffa Jewellers
Khushboos by Chand (Birmingham)
Harkirans (Birmingham)
Seema Saree
s (London)
Kajal Fashion (London)
Imani Designer Studio (London, Manchester)
Gul Ahmed
Silons (Birmingham)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Julien Trivedi - Designer for Men

To spice things up a little we decided its time we looked at Men’s Couture Fashion.

Julien Trivedi Oozes Couture
Image from Julien Trivedi website
After a little research it seems Asian Men’s Fashion is a selective arena, it isn’t as widely advertised and it’s
hard to find a reliable Couture designer for men’s outfits. The question is if they are in fact any good at the core service they provide. 

As an independent fashion blog we today will be looking at the basics, Quality, Trustworthiness and Price

Julien Trivedi Oozes Couture
Image from Julien Trivedi website

After a little research we came across Julien Trivedi a contemporary Brit-Asian bespoke outfitter.

My first impressions of Julien Trivedi were based around the website home page. 

You are given the chose to enter into the modern suit design page or the traditional sherwani page. This straight away tells me they embrace the traditional and contemporary values.

Julien Trivedi has outfits from a wide spectrum of price ranges, simple sleek to lavish garments that have been especially crafted to suit your physic.

I liked how they allow you to hire an outfit for that special day. This is an encouraging step by Asian designers to challenge the mainstream English hire services.

I little extract from there website we love
“You dont just wear a Julien Trivedi
You own it…”

It is clear from Julien Trivedi’s online portfolio the outfits are Unique Distinguished Couture Menswear.

We hope to bring you an interview with the man himself very soon. 


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Manish Malhotra

We cant have an Asian Fashion Blog and not mention Manish Malhotra, some beautiful backstage shots from his India show.

Manish Malhotra flanked by Preity Zinta and Kajol after showcasing his collection Image Credit: Soumik Kar
Preity Zinta walks the ramp for Manish Malhotra on the first day of the Lakme Fashion Week
Preity Zinta Image Credit: Soumik Kar
Kajol walks the ramp for fashion designer Manish Malhotra on the first day of the Lakme Fashion Week
Kajol Image Credit: Soumik Kar
Manish Malhotra India/backstage Image: alda chou
Manish Malhotra India/backstage Image: alda chou
And finally something a little different, I love how Michaela draws thi amazing interpretation of a Manish Malhotra piece.  You can see more of Michaela's work here FashionARTventures

@oozes Couture

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kyles Collection

After concluding that Kyle’s Collection has some amazing pieces of jewellery, one of the favourite pieces would have to be the Amulet Teardrop Set.
Kyles Collection Amulet Teardrop Set
Amulet Teardrop Set
The piece is very traditional, simply classic and beautiful. The price is quite steep coming in at £606 for the 

The National Asian Wedding Show 2012

The National Asian Wedding Show, Midlands takes place at The National Motorcycle Museum.


Asian Women Magazine 2012

I don't read many fashion magazines however I like to review them to see if they are getting it right.

Having seen this cover online I really liked the style of it. The punch line "Catwalk" is eye catching. The array of styles on the beautiful models immediately grabs your attention.

Asiana is a "mainstream" magazine but they got it wrong on their last release Asiana Winter Edition (read my review on that cover here).

The Asian Woman Magazine showcases great variety of fashion concepts and reviews, best thing is you can read it on line for FREE. Click here to read the latest issue of Asian Woman

Asian Woman Magazine issue 50
Asian Woman Magazine Issue 50

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heavenly Desserts Birmingham

We felt a little peckish in the office today finding the conversation soon turning to the “ideal snack". The banter picked up and one of the girls mentioned “Heavenly Desserts”.This was a new name for me, so I quickly google searched them i came across the Heavenly Desserts facebook page.

It seems ladies from up and down the UK travel out of there way to visit this store, I found myself thinking I’m missing out on something epic here.

Looking further into their FB page I came across a few menus, they had some interesting combination for desserts.

Heavenly Desserts Birmingham Menu

What’s all the fuss about its only a bit of Ice Cream?

I’ve heard the saying  “food is the way to a mans heart” how about “when that man lets you down, desserts are a way to relive a stressed heart” (my own creation, thank you) anyway they have a few healthy options, by healthy I mean containing real fruit so you wont feel guitly after a dessert.
We hope to review how there creations taste very soon...


Raishma, Mona Vora and Sai Fashions Designs

Instead of my normal review on one bridal design, it’s time for a change. I’m going to compare three bridal collections and let you know my opinion about the good and bad bits.

I have picked out a few outfits from designers featured on the Asiana Website. They are Raishma London, Mona Vora Couture Bridal and Sai Fashions.

Sai Fashions
What I like about these three brands: They have a perfect combination of a modern and a traditional feel. Looking at the outfits above you can see despite the outfit being a modern gown, they have an element of traditional bliss. The design and color of the first outfit by Raishma, the embellishments in the second outfit by Mona Vora and the cut of the gown in the third outfit are all positive additions to the pieces.

What I do not like about these brands: Firstly, I would prefer if the gown by Raishma has a V neck like the second picture. It would actually bring out the elegance of the whole gown. The second red gown by Mona Vora is perfect for those who want to break away from the norm. However, more embellishments on the gown wouldn't go a miss ,so it’s not just another boring red gown. The final gown by Sai Fasnion is totally wrong. Frankly, I would never go for this type of gown design. It’s just weird. The red nets attached to the either side of the bottom and heavy design for the top is just wrong. It’s doesn't compliment each other.

Which one would I prefer?

To be honest, if I were to consider choosing from these 3 outfits. I would go for Mona Vora because it is something that caters to my choice. The design is not to weird and not something too far from the norm. Also, the designs are something you can relate to what you’re looking for. I totally love the color combination that Mona Vora has, they’re perfect. If I’m looking for something that’s more simple and settled, I would go for Raishma’s. However, if I’m going for a heavy and over the top look, I would go for Sai Fashions.

Mona Vora Bridal Couture "Oozes Couture"

Click on the links below to view more collections from the designers mentioned above.
Raishma London:
Mona Vora:
Sai Fashions:

Nasheerah Salim


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