Monday, 22 October 2012

National Asian Wedding Show 2012

You may have noticed "Fashion Show" season is upon us. At oozes couture we aim to keep you updated with all the weird and wonderful designer releases.

Below are some of the beautiful outfits on display that day

Video credit

National Asian Wedding Show 2012
Hosted by: Tommy Sandhu and Noreen Khan
Date: October 13 - 14 - Excel, London
Show Times: Saturday 11-7pm and Sunday 10-6pm



  1. I was there saw myself in the clip lol i came down from Glasgow some lovely outfits on show. As usual with Asian event's it was all over the place it's a shame the event management didn't deliver a ontime show the designers deserved better. i dont think i will be attending next year. lovely video

  2. That looks awesome, wish i went to that lovely outfits when is the next one


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