Friday, 7 September 2012

The Stylish Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy graces the walls of many homes, restaurants and museums in the modern day. It holds the power to instantly beautify a name or a phrase, by simply adding an artistic touch.

The art of calligraphy originated from Ancient Egypt, where pictures began evolving
into symbols. There are many debates as to whether china and Greece are also possible
countries of origin. It was in 35BC, where people began inscribing onto stone, wood or wax. Due to experiments, different styles developed including; slanted writing, the flowing loop and an effect created by not lifting the pen of the page.

A picture I created to show how calligraphy can be interpreted into fashion.

Calligraphy Fashion text
Calligraphy by  Shafina Majid  @shaf_15
 My main area of interest lies within Arabic calligraphy. This is where Islamic quotes and phrases are decorated in such an artistic way using the Arabic language. I have come across many pieces that not only contain the phrase or word, but also hold an image that the words create. By cleverly using the words in the correct places an image is formed. For example;
Calligraphy peacock
Flickr photo by Graniers Golden Name
Calligraphy has created its own fashion as people have interpreted it into artwork and continue to do so on a daily basis. A modern example of this is how it has become more common to use calligraphy style writing to enhance names on canvases. This can add an elegant touch to a bedroom or dining room.

I would also highly recommend this as a perfect gift idea for people of any age or race

Personally, I believe the idea of artistic and cultural writing merging to create sophisticated pieces of work,  Oozes Couture  
Shafina Majid


  1. Arabic art wont get as much credit as the english art it is a funny world

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  3. Your Articles Are Amazing Mashallah!; Probably The Best Articles I've Read So Far ;*


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