Monday, 27 August 2012

Discover a real power suit!

It’s long been believed wearing a “power suit” builds your self-confidence. A deep coloured tie because that is what people of power wear and a dark suit can be your shield against the world. 
Men of power
Flickr photos by truthout 
Lady power suit

The rules change slightly, when your going for an interview at Google headquarters.  

Yes! The pictures below are of the Google Offices in Zurich. They have slides to get between floors and a cool creative atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to work there? 
The “power suit” evolves into a whole new meaning for this interview. 
Google offices

Google offices
Flickr photos by andrewarchy
Google offices

Fear not we have the perfect “creative power suit” for this once in a life time interview. Herewith are three suit options to stand out from the other candidates.

Option: 1
A "safe" black suit, white shirt and a cool slim black tie. The "average" smart fashion look.

Slim back Suit
Flickr photo suit by jonomueller 

Option: 2 

Wear this suit and show you inner flare. Imagine there faces when you turn up in this great combination. Shite shirts have these great mixed material shirts, blazers and trousers. check them out 
Shite Blazer
Shite Shirt
Photo Facebook Shite Shirts

Option: 3  
The most important thing in an interview is to be yourself. Unless you can be batman. Always be batman. 

Batman A Real Suit of power

Joker Card Batman Suit

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